At least in our apartment, there’s very little French television available in English, so Beth and I have been watching a whole lot of music videos lately. I thought I’d share a few of our favorites since most Americans would never be exposed to them.

Show Ce Soir -- Bisso Na Bisso

The fun summer song of the year.

Meme Pas Fatigue -- Magic System

The chorus says: “No we’re not tired, because tonight we’re going dancing.”

Je Te Promets -- Zaho

Song about a girl who can’t promise to love a boy forever.

Lady Melodie -- Tom Frager

A feel-good love song.

Berlin -- Christophe Willem

Features people doing the “Thriller” dance at a funeral… oddly coincidental considering Michael Jackson’s recent death.

Celebration -- 113

The #1 club song in France

Ayo Technology -- Milow

This is an acoustic cover of a rap song by 50 Cent and may not be suitable for parents.