Yesterday, July 23, was Beth and my fourth anniversary. Unfortunately, I spoiled our celebration plans by “over indulging” the night before. Beth did get her wish to spend the whole day with me, but she spent it with me laid up in bed seriously hungover.

We haven’t always had the best of luck with our anniversaries. Beth got sick during our honeymoon, and we both got sick on our first anniversary. But part of our vows were to stick together “in sickness and in health” and we’ve definitely lived up to the sickness part.

In all seriousness, the four years I’ve spent married to Beth (and the 4.5 years we dated) have been the best years of my life. (No offense mom and dad.) We’re still only 27 years old, so there are lots of years left to live. If they’re all as good as the first four, I’ll consider myself the luckiest man on earth.